Saturday, July 24, 2021

Little Green Man

Torrington, Connecticut

Along the Naugatuck River through the middle of town. Everything looks weird in the smoke/haze light.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Flag, Lit by a Smoke/Haze Sky

Torrington, Connecticut

Another picture from Tuesday. The light at moderately close quarters was strange even when the distances weren't great enough for the haze to be obvious. Look at how distinct the flag shadow is, but also how open, or pale. This effect doesn't happen in sunshine or in overcast, or in low lying fog conditions. It may be familiar in places where inversions and smog or even persistent extreme humidity are normal, but it's quite an unusual effectt o see here in southern New England, and we know why it's happening.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Smoke Haze


Litchfield, Connecticut

Yesterday morning seemed to be overcast at six o'clock, but when the sun got up in the sky a little bit and began to cast soft shadows, the light was strange—a warm yellow/orange color. Later when I drove into town I saw that there was a thick atmospheric haze. Not fog, not coming up from the ground. Near objects were well defined, but even moderate distance became hazy and the sky was an unvaried monochrome. I realized this must be smoke from the wildfires 3,000 miles to the west. I drove a little bit around Litchfield County to try to make some pictures. It's not easy to show this very weird atmospheric condition.

Click on any picture to get a much larger view which might even give a good sense of what this strange smoke/haze does to a view of the landscape.

Woodbury, Connecticut