Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Backs and Fronts

When looking around a town I often spend as much time in the alleys and parking lots, behind the buildings, as out in the main street looking at the fronts. Not that backs are always more intersting, but the backs may hint at which buildings will be interesting from the street. Anything called "The Homer Fitts Co." has promise. Also, as a kid I spent a lot of time in mid-town Manhattan, where many of the small stores had permanent "going out of business sale" signs that remained unchanged year in and year out. Locals weren't fooled by the sale signs. Any similar sign tends to get my attention even today.

Out front on Main Street, the display windows are filled with dress forms, with no dresses, for the simple reason that it's the forms themselves that are for sale.

Barre, Vermont, 10/2/06

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