Monday, April 16, 2007

On the grounds of "The Laurel," Truro, Massachusetts

Cape Cod

Interior scenes, away from the beach, for Martin.

View from Balcony, "The Laurel," Truro, Massachusetts


promenadeur said...

thanks for the photo.
I envy you for beeing in such a nice environment.

The trees really look like pines.
But I miss the charcterisic perfume.
Can you try to catch it with your next photo?
Or is this feature perhaps not integrated in your Pentax K10D?

Carl Weese said...

No aroma feature yet on the K10D, but those are indeed several different pine species that are rugged enough to last through the winters out there. I have been home for several days, but hear that at the moment Cape Cod is being lashed by a classic nor'easter storm with gale force winds, flooding tides and storm surge. It's actually a pretty scary place in storm conditions.