Thursday, May 10, 2007

Norwich, Connecticut

Window, Empty Factory Building

As per discussion with Martin in the comments, the earlier lazy version of the file without correction for the barrel distortion of this lens:


promenadeur said...

I'm not shure, but maybe this kind of picture theme needs an absolute perfect alignment (tripod?) and also a correction of lens distortion.?
Great light!

Carl Weese said...


I'd definitely remove the barrel distortion (known problem with this compact wide lens) before making a print, but didn't feel like bothering at 5:30 this morning before running out to shoot spring flowering trees. Maybe I'll do a compare/contrast later.

Carl Weese said...

...the barrel distortion is all that bothers me here: as I expected I actually like the misalignment. Maybe because I do so much view camera work with everything perfectly aligned, when using a hand camera I tend to explore alternates to that highly formal approach.

promenadeur said...

Working with a grid viewing screen in my dslr, I notice that I frequently have the tendency to look for a proper alignment.
But as you say, Carl, this could easily end in a boring point of view.