Monday, September 24, 2007

Shelton, Connecticut

Wall Markings

Shelton, Connecticut


Anonymous said...

Those are interesting. I am a sucker for texture and shading. What amount of post processing do you usually do for pictures posted here?


Carl Weese said...

GT, Thanks.

For the blog, I adjust the RAW files in the ACR module of Photoshop (just recently upgraded to CS3), then simply run selected, adjusted files through a batch action I've written to size them down and downgrade the colorspace to sRGB. The light here was very flat, so I've expanded the histogram with the Exposure and Blacks sliders. I also used a modest amount of the clarity slider which I'm just experimenting with in CS3. It looks to have a nice effect on textures, though like everything else in Photoshop it is very easy to overdo it and get harsh results.

promenadeur said...

I always have my problems with "descriptive" (I find no other word) photos.
But I have to admit, these pictures are not only WHAT you have seen, it is HOW you have seen it.

Charlie Didrickson said...

Those are wonderful Carl.

Your angle of view and a few added elemnts really complete these. I am very drawn to this type of work and you have been doing it very well as of late.

I have to agree about the clarity slider in CS3 Used with caution it can be a great tool.