Monday, January 19, 2009

Empty Factory Buildings

Torrington, Connecticut


Anonymous said...

Would have been nice to see it while the windows were there.Should be retrofitted for another use to keep all that character in the neighbourhood.

Carl Weese said...

Robert, there's a little bit of urban renewal in this town, but unlikely to be any more in the current financial climate. Have to wait and see.

Stephen T said...

I would like to see manufacturing come back to Connecticut using the great factories that are already here....With the right product do you see it happening?

Stephen Taylor

Carl Weese said...

Stephen, I really don't see it happening. Conversion to lofts and apartments and studio spaces, maybe. As it happens, we're doing a major cleaning at our house and recently ran across notebooks and appointment records from the 1980s. I was doing a lot of commercial photography then for industrial-specialty ad agencies, graphic designers, and small/medium as well as large CT-based manufacturing firms. Almost none of these—the manufacturers or the advertising/promotion firms that served them, are still around. Hard to see what would bring them back short of a complete overhaul of the economy and turn the country and this state back to places where things get made.