Saturday, April 11, 2009


Forestville, Connecticut

Plainville, Connecticut


mm said...

Talk about incongruity of location names, sez I from Fairfield where it is no longer fair nor are there any fields left.

Carl said...


I find place names endlessly fascinating, hence the fact that I always identify the place pictures were shot. When traveling I'll often detour simply to see what I find at a town with an interesting name.

In this pair of pictures, Forestville is pretty incongruous, but then Plainville seems quite appropriate.

mm said...

My thinking was that the building in the trees (forest) was in Plainville, and the building without trees around it was in Forest (ville).

I wonder why Litchfield was named that. I must look that up.

Carl said...

Good site on Litchfield history here:


Markus Spring said...

the upwards pointing diagonals in the first one are good - and nicely iuxtaposed with the single circular shape.