Saturday, October 23, 2010


Torrington, Connecticut

An SUV that dates back to a time they weren't yet called SUVs.


TJP said...

That's because back then they were still useful, and it would therefore be inappropriate to apply the label, "Stupid Useless Vehicle".

word verification = "wastelsk"; n.

1. a tall monument constructed from discarded VCRs, CRT television sets and computers--mortared with foam peanuts, bubble-wrap and thin plastic sheets that cover shiny plastic trim on electronics shipped inside a foam bag, inside bubble wrap, bedded in foam peanuts, inside a cardboard box, inside a cardboard shipping container--bound together with polyethylene six-pack yokes;

2. the Obelisk of the West.

Markus Spring said...

Fall colors on a car? Could be there's a reason for this - not only for this individual, but the whole race...