Friday, January 06, 2012

Winter Light, XX: Moon, Clouds, Cows

Woodbury, Connecticut

Three twenty-five yesterday afternoon.


Markus Spring said...

Convincing rendering of a dark landscape. How do you think it would print? I have only unsuccessful results with my trials on such a subject - it usually looks to muddy, lacks all livelyness.

Carl said...


WYSIWYG is nonsense. All the calibration and profiling in the world will not make the same file that looks good (on a properly calibrated monitor) for posting online also look good as a print.

So the answer is, if I make significant changes in the RAW interpretation of this file from the way I prepared it for the web, I can make a really nice print from it.

I had been making some prints when I prepared this file for the blog, and I had to remind myself to prepare it for the web instead. You and Lyle have both commented recently with questions that address this, which makes me think I should do one of those posts-with-words dealing with this issue.

Tyler said...

Along similar lines, when I saw this (lovely) picture of yours, I thought the foreground was a little dark on my monitors (or perhaps for my old eyes).

With that in mind, when I posted my picture on M.O.R.A. this morning, I first went in and constructed some layers of different shaded mid-and foreground areas (that were more in shadow) and lightened them up selectively.

I believe that the modification makes it better for viewing on a range of monitors.

So it is not just for printing.