Sunday, December 02, 2012


New York, New York


lyle said...

don't assume will see any great movies

Markus Spring said...

Horror movies maybe?

The effect of all this terrorism and counter-terrorism is a feeling of vulnerability and fear, even in the most mundane locations. And beware you might become a victim of false accusations - it might take years to get released when your rights as a citizen are suddenly nullified.

The balance between safety/security and constitutional rights is a fragile good. Unfortunately the last years have brought a substantial loss of civil rights.

Markus Spring said...

Should have added: This image works graphically very well for me. Both the repetition of the shapes as well as the color - the small red coat to the right, the yellow sign to the left both take up colors from the lighted banners. I don't know if I am peculiar in that sense, but I thoroughly enjoy such small rhythmic elements.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks, Markus. The play of small elements in the frame is very much in my mind as I do pictures like this. The fact that the figure in the red coat and the car with bright headlight are both in motion is also part of the game.

Fear or paranoia are becoming steady states fostered by government and many elements of the media (not just the most extreme like Fox) here. That leads people not to notice the civil rights they are losing, which isn't an accident.