Monday, December 16, 2013

With and Without

Torrington, Connecticut

Or, three seconds.


Markus said...

This (again) hits my soft spot, Carl.

I find our urban habitat quite uninhabitable in many places, and those car oriented utility constructions are quite often on top of my negative hit list. Yet their shapes are interesting, and I find it's worth to depict them, both in their technical charm as in order to make people see and help them to find a sound balance between human and technical surroundings.

Carl Weese said...

Markus, years ago I read an SF story (I think it was a "short-short"—under 200 words, a form that seems to work really well with Speculative Fiction) where aliens visited earth and observed from orbit that the dominant life forms were varieties of mobile metallic beings moving about on a giant infrastructure, serviced by docile, obedient, meat-creatures.

James Weekes said...

I actually love these little places. Don't know why, but they are usually not visited by us obedient meat creatures on foot and therefore feel almost private.