Tuesday, April 01, 2014

WP Post Number 4,000

Naugatuck, Connecticut

Purely by chance, I went to my Blogger "overview" page to check on a couple housekeeping items, and found that this morning's Working Pictures post was number 3,999. So I decided to put up a low key celebratory post featuring a Fast, ResPectFul!! car buyer, for number 4,000.

Clicking on either image brings them both up in a larger and better-preserved format.


Markus said...

Congratulations, Carl. 4000 is a substantial number - and a small hint how creative and prolific you are. I've certainly not seen all your posts, but enjoyed a huge number and definitely profited very much from it.
So keep on with the good work!

Ed said...

Congratulations, Carl. I'll echo Markus' comments in that I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts and have learned from them. I particularly like the "Building Portraits" series as well. Thanks for posting.

David said...

Way to go, Carl! I still visit every day and love seeing what you're up to.

Edd Fuller said...

3000 posts and probably twice that number of pictures--all of them enjoyable and instructive. Thanks Carl!