Thursday, August 07, 2014


Kingston, New York

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I've recently been doing a lot of shooting in fairly nearby locations, trying to establish exactly where I'm heading with the sort of pictures I've been posting here, including how they connect with the "Off Topic" pictures I made all across the country on the 2012 drive-in theater road trip. The idea of this blog is to show "recent" pictures, but since I have some projects coming up in the fall that may cut into my ability to shoot new material, I've been building up quite a backlog of processed files, ready for posting, in my For the Blog->Current folder.

While I try to work in a highly intuitive manner, I've been consciously aiming at simplicity of approach, so I thought it would be interesting to take a quick look at some stats. That "Current" folder has 114 files in it right now, dating from May to this week. So I took a look at the filter panel in Bridge and find that, as I knew anyhow, all of them were made with my Lumix GX7. As for lenses—91 with the 20mm, 15 with the 14mm, and 8 with the 45mm. So I guess the simplicity thing is in place.

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