Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Country Trees

Washington, Connecticut

Spring seems to be just about the only time of year I ever use a long lens. The compressed perspective on the emerging color of the trees is fascinating. I've been watching and studying this ever since I first got a 200mm lens for my Nikons back in 1974. For, I think, the fourth year now I'm doing these with the remarkably competent and reasonably priced Lumix 45-200 varifocal (roughly equivalent to 90-400 for FX/135 format). As always, click the pictures to get a larger and clearer view.

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David said...

Interesting, Carl. I find myself using my 45mm and 60mm Olympus lenses in the woods around here. I wouldn't normally think of them as landscape lenses, but they seem to work really well for some things.