Saturday, July 11, 2015

Get Narcan

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

More hot, hazy, summer light out in northwestern Massachusetts.


Martina said...

And of course I had to look up Narcan. It's an opioid antagonist I see. I guess that's why the older woman's eyes are shaded that dark.
I can't imagine seeing a billboard like that around here - mostly of cause because we have a ban on advertising of prescreption drugs.

Carl Weese said...

Advertising for legal firms and prescription drugs and "health management" organizations, as this one, is relatively recent here. Perhaps over the past twenty years it's gone from unheard-of to SOP. In the eighties I did a lot of commercial work for healthcare organizations but it was all for tightly controlled corporate communication. Annual reports, fund-development brochures—billboard or magazine advertising? TV advertising for prescription drugs saturates certain media, like the Sunday morning bobblehead pundit shows.