Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn Gallery Opening: Christopher Magadini

New Milford, Connecticut
We went to New Milford yesterday evening to see a gallery opening.

This is the view in the parking lot when we got there.

The artist is extraordinarily versatile, showing work that is wildly divergent, but all done in the last eight months.

The view from the parking lot also kept being cool.

Then there is the show. Which is fascinating. Bettina has liked Chris's work since she first encountered it, but this show, all from the past eight months, is kind of radical. He decided to do whatever he wanted, at the moment. His background is commercial illustration, so he can do anything he wants (commercial artists are, ahem, in general, more skilled than MFA graduates) and I found myself delighted to find pictures that I loved, others that I admired, and others where I thought, well, OK, if you want to do that. Every one of them was engaging though.

From the opening:

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John said...

MFA's typically get roped into a "look". Commercial artists tend to get bored with "a look", and tend to end up with several "looks". I find that in my photography also!