Monday, April 04, 2016

1 6' 0/2 L.B

Torrington, Connecticut

Some additional information in the form of a shot from the other end of the construction site, in response to a question in comments.  My guess is the first shot shows the foundation going in for a multi-storey parking garage adjacent to the restored/repurposed factory building. Maybe I can find something out online.


Tony McLean said...

Hi Carl: my guess that this is a basement construction judging by the bituminous paint and its protective layer of insulation boards. Perhaps the writing mean six feet of oversite - lower basement?

Carl Weese said...

Tony, it's a rebuilding of an old industrial complex to become a county courthouse. I'll add a shot from the other end of the site. My guess is that this piece of new construction just north of the restored building complex is going to be a parking garage.

Taken For Granted said...

Great colors and patterns in your second shot. Builders are unconscious of the colors they put together while under construction.