Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sheep Units Behind the Farm Stand

Roxbury, Connecticut

The weather for the past week has been quite awful, with dewpoint up in the 70s and temperatures in the 90s each afternoon. The good side of this time of year is the abundance of gorgeous fresh produce available at several farm stands located in easy reach. Plus, I'll admit that the dim and sultry light under these swampy skies can be quite lovely.

Also, I'm going to call this first one a wildlife photo, because one of the sheep is on the wrong side of the fence, and so, temporarily, wild.

I walked over near the fence to see if there was a picture to be found, but this disappointed the sheep. It seems that when people shop here, the kids are sometimes given scraps or tailings from the stand that they can toss to the sheep. I don't know how these two could mistake me for a little kid, but hope springs eternal.

It's definitely not a petting zoo, but the sheep are very comfortable with people, and they're also really vocal. I'm always startled how human-sounding the sheep's 'Baaaa' sound is.

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