Sunday, October 30, 2016

Behind the Scenes

Birch River, West Virginia

This farm in WV is a place I've returned to for pictures many times, though not for over ten years now. At the beginning of my recent expedition to VA/WV this was the first place I visited. The fields showed the effect of a summer-long drought, as did the desaturated fall colors, but I think the b&w negative is promising. This is a snapshot of the setup after I'd made the exposure. The horse turned up at the crest of the right hand hill just on cue. I've been developing my film from the trip over the past couple days.

This is a "digiproof"—a quick 'n dirty positive file of the picture made by copying the sleeved negative resting on a lightbox, using a digital camera. It's not supposed to look like a good print—its purpose is simply to give me a positive rendering of the negative; one I can refer to as often as I like without repeatedly handling the negatives, and of course there's no materials expense to create it.

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Mike Rosiak said...

pretty nice for quick 'n dirty.