Monday, January 09, 2017


Woodbury, Connecticut

Left the darkroom water lines dripping overnight and all is well.


lyle said...

a little drip every now and than is preferable to shutting the whole place down for a few months, yes?

lyle said...

Carl, I got an email today from a local camera store pushing the new 4/3 mirrorless CH5. All of their commentary on the camera talked about the video capability of the machine, little on anything else. AND, at $2k for the body only, is Panasonic moving the 4/3 format in a new direction?

Carl Weese said...

Lyle, Panasonic has emphasized video capabilities for the GH-3/4/5 series of cameras all along. That's why I've never had one, I prefer the models that concentrate on stills capability with video more of an added attraction—that I never use. Not that the GH5 won't be a good stills camera too. If I needed a new camera I'd go with the GX8 or whatever replaces it. Meanwhile I have two GX7s that work just fine and will keep using until they break down.