Thursday, February 22, 2018

Valve 16, Valve 17

Waterbury, Connecticut

Over the past couple of weeks I've been printing from my archive of digital captures made over the past several years. I decided I've been spending too much time with the on-screen presentations and not enough with real prints. Even the process of editing on-screen to select pictures for small proof prints is very different from editing to select pictures for this blog. I find that I'm marking pictures that I didn't select for the blog the first time around, like the one above, from February, 2012.

Studying the little prints might give me a better understanding of what I've been up to with this shooting. I'll use some of the pictures overlooked the first time around for posting here. One thing I notice is how hot and cold the shooting runs. There are months/years where there's a steady stream of successful pictures, but others where almost nothing is working, and others where the success rate is much higher than usual. Don't know what that actually means, but it's pretty interesting.


John said...

I've been saying for a long time, "it an't a photograph until you print it."

So much of what gets us to click the shutter, is all in our heads.

Maybe we do need one of these gadgets? ;-)

David said...

As you know, selecting pictures for my blog is always print-based. And post processing a shoot always starts with proof sheets of nine to sixteen per page, just like the ones you’re printing. I really enjoy sitting in my chair, proof sheets and pencil in hand, doing the initial edits.

And like you, I can “see” what I’ve been doing when I look back at a year’s worth of prints. It can be enlightening.

Have fun with this!