Monday, July 02, 2018

Steep Rock Spring

A new gallery at my web site, the third in a "Four Seasons" set of folios—pictures made at Steep Rock Preserve in Washington, CT. They are 7.3x11 inch platinum/palladium prints.

Here's a link to "Steep Rock Spring, 2018."


lyle said...

Very nice series. I am curious of how you arrived at the dimensions.

Carl Weese said...

Well, I've always had a sort of mental block about making b&w pictures with RGB digital cameras. It has nothing to do with "visualization" (which, agreeing with David Vestal, I think is a meaningless and even misleading notion). It's just that I love working in color, and in the back of my mind I know that I'm using a color camera, so I make color pictures, dammit! As a counter to this, I decided to try shooting for b&w using visual reminders—set the camera to 2:3 instead of 3:4, and set the EVF/LCD to monochrome. Not to "visualize" but to constantly remind me that I'm intending to do b&w. After a while this somehow overcame my mental block and I no longer have to use the reminders, but since I began the Four Seasons using 2:3 proportion I have to stay with it till the project is finished.

The 7.3 x 11 size came about because it's very 8x10-ish, looks nice on a quarter sheet of paper, and prints well two-up on 13x19 Fixxons film. If you don't leave at least an inch or more of un-inked border on the film it's likely to curl during printing and cause head strikes.