Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Weeds, Storm Clouds, and Vacant Building

Torrington, Connecticut

This is part of the building complex that housed the local/regional newspaper, "The Register Citizen." Torrington is the largest municipality in the northwest corner of Connecticut, about forty minutes north of my location. This extensive set of brick buildings appears to have been around long enough, and been big enough, to have been a full service complex with not just editorial offices but an actual printing plant right there on site. That's something that began to disappear in the mid-twentieth century. A bit of preliminary research turns up that the property is now owned by a non-profit which has not yet begun to repurpose the buildings and facilities. I've wandered past these buildings for years, made a few pictures including some that wound up here on the blog, but this shot makes me want to look into the history of the site. If I can turn up contacts with the current owners I might be able to find out if there are picture possibilities inside.

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