Thursday, December 06, 2018

Battle Ready

Waterbury, Connecticut

I'm so old I remember that once upon a time lawyers were at least discouraged from sullying the profession with crass advertising. Then legal firm ads turned up on the back page of the phone book, back in the 80s—the first one I saw featured a picture of an ambulance which I thought indicated that the firm hadn't hired exactly the best ad agency (the term "ambulance chaser" is not complimentary). Now it's the sides of city buses, and towering billboards meant for the commuters on the elevated passover of I-84, with violent rhetoric (battle ready, really, Dude?) that fits with the current political atmosphere.

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John said...

And just recently a local company in Lincoln, NE just started advertising colonoscopies on TV. And you don't need to take an ambulance there followed by a bunch of lawyers! ;-)