Wednesday, March 25, 2020

At the Grocery Market

Woodbury, Connecticut

It was time to resupply, so we were off to the local grocery market at 7:30 this morning. There were few patrons and for the most part the shelves and cases were well stocked. There were social distance signs everywhere.

I should have made a wider shot to show the fully stocked produce section, but you can see that our cart has all the vegetables and fruits we were looking for.

Flour and pasta were conspicuously scarce, along with most paper products, but otherwise the center aisle packaged goods were all OK.

Being a vegetarian I usually don't notice the large butcher shop section at the back of the store, but this morning I saw that while the cases with pre-packaged meats were fully stocked, the cases for custom cut meats and seafood were completely empty. Of course the hot food buffet at the front of the store was shut down and empty. Bread, which was all gone ten days ago, was in good supply though less varied and plentiful than usual.

More signs, and sparse pasta shelves. Click on any picture for a larger, more legible view.

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