Monday, November 20, 2006

Waterbury, Connecticut

Mattatuck Museum

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... an interior, something I've not seen before. It makes me think about all kinds of things: how this curved wall was built, whether the windows are actually curved glass or the more typical flat glass on a curved wall; how the soffit was framed; I notice the window casing comes right up under the soffit; how much did the carpenter have to trim the top edge of the casing to get it to fit the space. And then there's the "Outer Limits" guy outside watching over the whole deal. I try to imagine the entire building from this little section and the other piece visible across the courtyard. Is the Roman bust an original or a knockoff? Can't quite make out the piece on the left, but it seems rather contempo to be placed w/ the bust. Who's put these objects together, for what purpose? The questions go on and on... you don't need to answer any of them, Carl. The picture opens another familiar/foreign world.