Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shunk, Pennsylvania

Shunk United Methodist Church, and...

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

Marsh Creek Fellowship Baptist Church


Ernest Theisen said...

Thank you Carl. That started my Sunday morning off very nicely.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics of Wadesville!
For those of you who might not have the facts on this little village's demise, well some people who wouldnt leave found their homes mysteriously "burned" to the groud!
Odd, especially considering the fire company which still stands is located a skip and a hop away,from the homes that burned!
But the powers to be in Schuylkill County PA, put it together!
What a disgrace! And to think they push for clean coal tech! Would you want your home taken away, or burned to the ground, all in the name of "money", and lots of it!
Anyhow, Thank you Carl for the pics! PS: research out a town named Centralia, PA. Gone now too, thanks to a vein of coal on fire that ravages beneath the once existing coal town!

Carl said...

Thanks for those notes. In fact I've done extensive coverage of Centralia, some of which you can find here:

In fact, it was a viewer of those pictures on my main web site who tipped me off to the existence of Wadesville. If you or any other readers are aware of other similar situations please let me know. I'm fascinated with following these stories.