Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Sidewalks

Naugatuck, Connecticut

Ansonia, Connecticut

After a brief rest, postings have resumed over at my WPII Blog (Pictures in Public).


lyle said...

this is an odd (but I hope appropriate) observation and perhaps question. as I was scrolling past "Ansonia" to see what was next, I stopped and realized that I hadn't given it or the previous photo their due in my race to see what has been posted in the last couple of days (and knowing I want to get over to WPII to see what is there). Looking at it (Ansonia), I know that if it was in a gallery I would have definitely spent time with it (great composition, color values, tones and textures). I would have looked at in from different distances, etc. So I wonder, do I look at photographs on the web differently that in person. is it the size? is it the frame? is it because it is easier to scroll down than shift the whole body over a few feet? Does this web 'thing' require another set of 'looking' skills? Carl, you have been posting on the web for awhile and looked at more work than most, do you ever find yourself 'rushing' to see what is next?

Carl Weese said...

Thanks for noticing the Ansonia sidewalk. I've loved that shot from the moment I saw it in the browser, but couldn't figure out why I liked it. Those are always intriguing. It took me a while, but I finally posted it without yet knowing why I liked it, so it's great to hear I'm not the only one.

Of course a web presentation is enormously different from looking at a real print. We don't begin to have a handle on this. A photographer friend once mentioned to me that he'd stopped posting to his blog for a while because he realized he was *shooting for* the blog instead of the picture itself. An extremely valuable insight I've kept in the front of my mind ever since he mentioned it (thanks, Michael). Blogs, and the web in general, only give us a hint.