Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hartford, Connecticut


Markus Spring said...

This speaks to me, hard to tell why, but it does. I like the contrast between concrete and that still strong grass, but the cross on tha wall comes somewhat as a surprise. Of course scanning to the borders you get confirmation, but still there is this tension for a moment.

Carl Weese said...

Thank you, Marcus, for confirmation. I sometimes post pictures to the blog not because I'm sure of them, but because something I don't understand seems to be there. So if this one spoke to you, even if just to you, then I was right that something was there.

richardplondon said...

Part of the surprise of this, for me, is that the conventional look of churches involves perspective convergence towards the sky - aiming at a "soaring" or "pointing to the heavens" impression.

This is almost always consciously encouraged in the architectural design, through various tricks such as tapering the building shape.

Here the edges of the building are excluded and the perspective (slightly surprisingly) converges the other way - the building seems to be plunging into the earth. And that lends the funereal-looking cross a rather sombre connotation.

Carl Weese said...

Richard, those are interesting observations. I've actually got a large work in progress on church structures across America...you might like to take a look here: