Monday, December 14, 2009


Waterbury, Connecticut


lyle said...

one think that I enjoy about looking at your two blogs is the breadth of the work and thinking about the styles and how one relates to the other. On WPII, David commented on the Naugatuck series and you responded about the 'looseness' and 'trying something else'. "Red Door" on WP, is strong because of the color. "Eral Fication" is also very strong, but is interesting to me because this looks like you could have used your Deardorff, "placing the tripod legs in the same spot", and made an equally compelling photograph. I think that a digital negative of this photo, printed in pt/pd, would have a much different feel while essentially being the "same". This making any sense?

Carl said...

Lyle, I think a successful picture could have been made from the same spot with the 8x10, but I'd want it to be a sheet of color negative film: this shot is very much "about color" as much as the light or the specific objects included in the frame. A big color negative would carry much more descriptive power in both detail and tonal range, but 8x10 color work is very restrictive both physically and financially.