Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Wall, II

Waterbury, Connecticut


promenadeur said...

From my first sight I found something magic in White Wall I what I can not see in White Wall II.
In the second photo are too much elements I can clearly identify.
OK, I dare to say that the magic of White Wall I has to do with the LIGHT, the DOOR, the unsharp SHADE coming from the door and something like a tablet of law.
Perhaps some archaic elements?
Definitely no "literal photography".

Carl Weese said...

Martin, certainly the first one is much more simplified, and I guess you are right that it is less literal, more "abstract," than the second one, though not to the point where it's actually difficult to identify the elements for what they are.

Maybe what's unusual is to have a very simple set of shapes in an urban environment where things are usually more complex. I'm thinking how in a way it is similar to a rural shot like this one:

lyle said...

Carl, I would agree that is similar to 10.7.07. When I first looked at the WW1, it seemed to me to be an abstract landscape: door w/ open sky. That is, the shapes and tones have meaning in other things besides what is photographed. And yet, even though WW2 has 'more' shapes, to me, it has a more calm, quieter feel.