Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two Walls and Some Weeds, Redux

Union City, Connecticut

Torrington, Connecticut


Edd Fuller said...

Carl, I have enjoyed you pictures for the past couple of days. These seem to me a bit more abstract than is usual for you. A new direction?

Anyway, I like the compositional "purity" of these shots with color, line and texture working so well together. Not a false note anywhere in the frame.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks Edd. No conscious new direction. Maybe just a trend in the pictures I'm selecting for posting.

Every week or so I select recent pictures that look promising for the blog, run them through a batch action to prep them for web, then put them in a "current" folder. There are usually one or two dozen pictures in that folder. I select from them for daily posts, looking for visual connections, though not in any formal didactic or narrative manner.

I think you're right that recent posts have tended toward the formalist end of things rather than the "whole lot of stuff going on in the frame" approach I often use.