Monday, September 03, 2012

Blog Notes: Showtime!

from "Religious Ritual," (a scholarship thesis): The Ganges, Benares, India, 1969

On Friday, September 14, at 7:00 PM, I'll be giving an artist's talk at Flanders Nature Center, in Woodbury, Connecticut. The space where the talk will be held at the center is the studio of the 20th Century American artist Natalie Van Vleck, which explains the Center's interest in the arts. Follow this link, then scroll about halfway down the page to see a description and find a link to a downloadable flyer.

 from "Lenni, PA," 1974: The Water Pistol

The theme of the talk is "Documenting America" (yes, a bit ambitious but their PR people twisted my arm, and all except the first project are entirely on American subjects). If you are near enough to make it to the talk, what you'll be in for is a big slide show consisting of pictures excerpted from more than a dozen of my self-assigned documentary projects going back more than forty years. So if looking at a whole lot of pictures on a dozen different documentary topics made by one photographer over the course of four decades sounds like fun, mark your calendar.

from "Traveling Carnival, 1985": The Crew of the Ten-in-One

Putting the "slide show" together (it's actually a self-advancing Acrobat file that will feed a digital projector) has been an interesting experience. Luckily I have a great deal of my past work in digital form. As the pictures roll I'll just ramble on extemporaneously about the various projects. Questions from the floor are encouraged, and they can be about either the subject matter of the projects or the photographic and logistic issues of working on them.

 from "Steep Rock Reservation, 1996—2012": Floodwaters, 2000

from "The American Drive-in Movie Theater, 1998—2012": The Van Del, Middlepoint, Ohio, 2003

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