Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Back to the Desert

vicinity of Richland, Washington


Edd Fuller said...

Carl, I am interested in how you tag the location of your photos. In more or less familiar territory within a short period of time, I mostly remember the location and circumstances of a photo. But on an extended trip like yours, memory (my memory, at least) would not be up to the task. Do you do some kind of geotagging--notes--voice recorder?

By the way, have greatly enjoyed your "trip" pictures. Thanks.

Carl said...

Edd, my GPS has a "where am I" feature that just takes a couple of screen taps. I keep notes either in writing or with a voice recorder.

Ernest Theisen said...

I worked in TV stations in the Richland/Pasco area. I have forgotten just how beautiful that country is. This is a great shot.