Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Starlite Drive-in Theater

Sterling, Colorado

On July 2, 2012, just back from the Western Loop of The Giant Drive-in Theater Road trip, I wrote that I reached, "Sterling, CO, where The Starlite is still hanging on, showing films from a couple months back, weekends only, on just one of its two screens. The field for the other has been taken by self-storage buildings. I couldn't make contact with anyone, but suspect that will be the fate of the rest of the field by next year. It's hard to imagine this venue managing the six-figure cost of going digital. I found this theater somehow more emotionally resonant than just about any other I've visited, and spent quite a while shooting extensive coverage of it in digital capture. The wind was too strong to make it practical to do anything with the large format cameras, but I found myself visualizing a suite of perhaps six or eight small color prints."

In the past couple of days I've finally gotten around to selecting a set of eight pictures from the Starlite and did a trial printing of a folio of small prints, 9-inch images on letter size paper. Here's a web version.

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