Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Web Galleries of Last Year's Work

"Shop Window, Chickasha, Oklahoma"
(One of my favorite "Off Topic" photographs from last year's road trips..you should see the 20" print!)

I've finally gotten around to updating the web galleries page on my web site. At the top of the page if you link on over, you'll find four new listings. One is a gallery with one picture each from all 107 theaters I got to on The Giant American Drive-in Theater Road Trip(s) last year.

Two galleries are "Off Topic"—pictures I made of all sorts of other general subjects. This was partly to keep my sanity on the extended trip. I figured if all I did was shoot theaters, drive, and research more about the theaters online every evening, my head would explode. So no matter how tired I was I tried to do a little off-topic shooting in the morning and evening, and when possible—which wasn't every day by any means—try to do an hour or more of photo walkabout in an interesting-looking town. Something else, kindly pointed out by several of my Kickstarter Sponsors, was that a 63 year old making a 17,000 mile road trip around America was probably going to be in a lot of places for the first and last time, so take the time to find the pictures.

The other new gallery is from my stay as Artist in Residence for a week (in the middle of The Southern Loop of the DI travels) at The Firehouse Cultural Center in Ruskin, FL, last October. While there I taught a weekend workshop on digital photography stressing RAW capture workflow, and gave several presentations and demonstrations. A key element of the invitation though, was for me to spend most of the week making the sort of pictures you see here on WP, concentrating on Ruskin and its surroundings. A sixty picture web gallery is the distillation of that work, with a much tighter edit of real prints planned as a show.


Ed said...

I enjoyed looking at all the pictures in each of your web galleries. Having been following your drive-in project, it's nice to see the the results of your work all in one place. I wish I could take photos like I've seen here.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks Ed. It was interesting to assemble edits from such a mass of material into a few coherent collections.

Andreas Lanz said...

I love this.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks, Andreas, glad you enjoy the pictures.

Scott Kirkpatrick said...

A 63-year old with more than enough material for a great book and ideas for several more -- what's with this "last time" stuff?

scott (71)

Carl Weese said...


Oh, I plan to return to a lot of the places. One purpose of the "off topic" shooting was to be really intense scouting work, to prioritize where to return. Places where I think I would have gotten much more material if I'd been able to work there longer. Then there are other places where I pretty much feel "been there, done that" and put them at the bottom of the list.