Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Day

Monterey, Massachusetts

There's an awful wave of heat and humidity here in the northeast. Yesterday I drove around a bit, trying to see if I could get some pictures that visually convey the intensity of the weather. Temperatures around 100° coupled to high humidity make the conditions downright dangerous for many people.

I couldn't figure out whether the figures in this field were elaborate scarecrows or some sort of art installation.

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James Weekes said...

One of the things they don't seem to mention is the hidden danger of high ninety to one hundred degree temperatures. A breeze doesn't help, it hurts. I played golf in Georgia three years ago with a friend (a weekly game as Ga. Is halfway between Fl and SC). It was 100f and we were walking on a windy day. By the 7th hole I started to feel a bit woozy and by the ninth I quit and walked in. I was pouring sweat and it did no good. I drank Gatorade after Gatorade in an air conditioned room for an hour. Driving home, both arms cramped up and I had to be very careful not to move too much.

It turns out that at temps above 98.6 moving air is like a convection oven and actually heats you. When it's that hot, stay indoors and do anything to stay cool.