Thursday, August 22, 2013

Side Alley, and Urn

Seymour, Connecticut

From printer torture, solved at least for the moment, we go into software torture. In order to get on with several planned book projects and complete overhauling of our web sites, yesterday I signed up for Adobe Creative Cloud. But first I had to upgrade the iMac to the latest version of the system software. This in turn obsoleted my monitor calibration tool. X-Rite had emailed me the latest version of their software, but it doesn't support my three-year old puck. So why send the latest software to a customer whose hardware won't be supported by it?

So now CC programs are downloading to the computer, and I'm way behind getting blog post up.

Seymour, Connecticut

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Markus said...

For a working professional there's probably no alternative to grind the teeth and pay whatever Adobe asks. But if you can make good use of it and it pays out, there should be no reason to complain. At least for me *that* step made all my hidden lusting for photoshop obsolete.