Friday, September 27, 2013

Now That's a Sign

Weirs Beach, New Hampshire

But it isn't the sign for the theater, over across the street. It points the way to the resort with arcades, shops, and a dock for day cruise ships that take tourists around the lakes. The sign is in the "Googie" style that was also popular at drive-in theaters, and the whole place struck me as something from a time capsule, very much like parts of the Jersey shore when I was growing up, back in the 50s.


Anonymous said...

Greta shot Carl!...Love the "googie" style sineage.

Are those type of signs still produced?

Carl said...

I couldn't get any info about this one, but in 2011 I talked with the owner of the Tri-Way theater in Indiana. He was very proud of his retro-style marquee designed and built just a few years earlier, so you can still have this sort of thing fabricated.