Sunday, September 08, 2013

On Location

Fairlee, Vermont

We had several things to do on a quick overnight excursion to Vermont and New Hampshire, including a stop at The Fairlee Drive-in Theater Saturday morning. I'd somehow not yet managed to include it in the giant DI project. For a behind the scenes look, Tina took a series of snaps as I worked. This is setting up the 7x17-inch Korona Panoramic View Camera (that's its official name, from a metal nameplate on the front panel).

That's the target.

Lining everything up. Setting the camera in "exactly the right place" is always key, but with the theaters tiny differences in camera position have a big effect on the pattern and intersections/mergers of all the speaker poles in the field, leading to the screen.

Measure the shadow values with a 1° spot meter. This is a second, somewhat closer camera position, using the 8x10" Deardorff.

The sun is out with a light veil of thin cloud. 1/2 second @ f/64.

Digital capture of details around the theater, waiting for the light to be right for the 8x10 shot.

Making the 8x10 exposures.

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