Monday, August 07, 2017

U.S. Military History Timeline

Woodbury, Connecticut

An event held yesterday (after a rain postponement Saturday) at the town park in Woodbury. More information about the event at the first link and this one. I made a few pictures.


lyle said...

love the images where people are taking images - guy with iPad (picture in picture) and the one where someone is on the ground, all guns pointing in one direction (except the one up) and most everyone giving him the 'butt'. Carl, just curious about why you published in b&w? thanks.

Carl Weese said...

Lyle, from shooting similar situations I knew color would just be a distraction. First impression would likely be, "wow, the grass sure looks crappy." Plasticky sports/casual clothes also would make acidic splashes of color around the frame, contributing nothing to the story.