Thursday, March 08, 2018


Logged on from our town's senior center, which also serves as a "warming center" during weather emergencies.

The big storm dropped several inches of very heavy wet snow. Not only did our power go out about six last evening, but a huge leader of a maple tree snapped off and landed on our barn. Punched a hole in the wall siding, and I can't tell whether there's damage to roof with the top of the tree siting on it, on top of the snow. Power's been out for over 24 hours, reports are that it cold be two or three days, and it's supposed to be 20°F tonight. The snow was so heavy our snowblower couldn't move it and we had to shovel by hand, enough to get a car out the driveway. So things don't look good at all.


Markus said...

Carl, I keep my thumbs crossed for Tina and You. All the best! --Markus

David said...

Ouch, Carl. Please stay safe.

Carl Weese said...

No power yet, back at the 'warming center' for a shower and maybe some oatmeal. More lights were on last night, but not out to our place. No word on how long. At least the temp only went down to 28°, not 20° as predicted.