Sunday, April 29, 2018

On Park Avenue

New York, New York

Seven-thirty yesterday morning I was crossing Park Avenue from east to west as these two were crossing 30th Street from south to north. As we converged on the corner, the younger, taller one called out in a British accent, "getting any good pictures this morning?" Less than a full block out the door of the workshop center, I answered, "not yet." Then the older one said, "then take our picture," so I said, "sure." He continued, "this is my new friend, he's from England and we're best buddies now, but he's going home tomorrow." So we made a few shots. Following an idea I got from photographer Mike Peters, I gave them a card that has one of my email addresses and told them to send me an email and I'll reply with their picture attached. They looked delighted, and continued on their way up Park.

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