Friday, August 23, 2019

Take My Picture

Newburgh, New York

I don't know how many times I've driven past, or through, Newburgh on Interstate 84, heading for parts west, but somehow I'd never made a point of getting off the highway to look at the small city. Then I finally went for a look early on a Monday morning, 8/12/19.

I encountered this couple on Broadway just a few blocks from the Hudson River shore. They noticed my camera and asked what I was taking pictures of. As always I replied, "anything interesting." "So how about us?" "Sure, you want to be in a picture?" Then they acted out a little dramatic scene. The guy said he wanted to be photographed alone, then called for her to join him, but then hid her face with his hand so she wouldn't "break the lens."

She took mock umbrage at this insult and yelled at him while he laughed because he'd heard the shutter and knew I'd gotten the previous picture.

Then they posed for real. I gave them a card with my email and told them if they send me an message I'll reply with their pictures, but I haven't heard from them.

As always, you can get a much better look at the pictures than you see on this front page, if you click on them.

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