Thursday, October 08, 2020

Early Morning, Ansonia

 Ansonia, Connecticut

In 1955 the whole Naugatuck River Valley and Housatonic River floodplain suffered huge losses of life and property in a massive flood. One of the responses by authorities was to create a series of flood control walls which are particularly prominent in the town of Ansonia. I've been working on a series of pictures featuring the flood wall, which proves a little difficult because after all, it's just a poured concrete wall with a few massive steel gates that can close off a couple roads and the railroad tracks on the east side of the river. Recently I thought working with very early morning autumn light might be interesting, and these are some of the results.


Ed said...

These are beautiful photos. The colors in the sky are gorgeous. It's also fascinating to learn a little history of the Naugatuck Valley.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks Ed. The Valley has a fascinating history. It was a major industrial/manufacturing center all the way back in the age of water power. When access to steam and electricity made rivers less important, the valley's industries declined. They revived in boom times, especially during the two world wars, but it remains a mainly depressed area with pockets of grand old houses, mostly split up into apartments. I've been shooting this stuff for over forty years and really need to organize the material into several themed sets of pictures.