Monday, May 25, 2009


New York, New York

While in Japan on a college scholarship in 1969 I was surprised to see restaurant display windows with, instead of pictures of curry rice and shrimp tempura, realistic, highly-detailed mini-sculpture replicas of the meals you could buy. Recently, while getting a bagel at this combination deli/short-order restaurant at 30th and 6th, one of the workers picked up a table order (except they don't really have tables) of "everything." One each of French toast, pancakes, bacon and eggs. I noticed how perfectly prepared they were, even though only the pancakes would get near the list of things I might eat. When I left, I found out it was the same idea I'd encountered in Tokyo, but this time raised to a new level by displaying the real thing. I wonder if people might be drawn in by the aromas?

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