Sunday, May 03, 2009

WP Addendum, Cross Posting

For any visitors here who don't routinely stop by The Online Photographer, you might want to link on over to a technical article of mine that will go up there sometime later today. It's about working with that strange light source, The Sun.

A sneak preview:

Waterbury, CT, 2009

"Full sunlight in the foreground and background, deep shadow (much darker than open shade) in the middle. I set the camera to "sunny 16" (1/320th@f/8 with effective ei of 80) to keep the highlights from burning out, then used a little Recovery in ACR to give them more substance along with a lot of Fill Light (stupid name but useful tool) to bring out some sense of texture in the deep shadows. Note the extra tone in the lower surface of the I-beams from light bounced back up from the pavement."

Click on over to read the whole thing.


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

I think your post on TOP will have to wait while the Kentucky Derby excitement subsides. THAT was really spectacular.


Carl said...

Scott, there was just a bit of a delay out at TOP International Headquarters.

lyle said...

"The sun is alright if you like that sort of thing".....Tina

I was at bar on 46th/8th avenue last night and thought of this article. there were full length windows unto 8th ave (looking east) and the sun hadn't set under the rooftop line yet. there were a couple of bright spotlights in the scene, not much brighter than compared to everything else in the scene. inside the bar, on the west wall, were full length mirrors and the reflected spotlights were significantly brighter than the rest of the reflected scene - dazzling so. it just struck me as odd that the 'reflected' world had a much harder 'exposure index' than the real world.....

Carl said...

Thanks, Lyle, grist for the mill. The problems that are much greater than simple sunlight are legion.

PS: Tina says, "why's he quotin' me??"