Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dusk at the Transit Drive-in

Lockport, New York

Click on the image for a larger view.


richardplondon said...

Lovely, though/because it's a little melancholy.

This fading light is my own favourite time of day to photograph - when the light seems to seep out of the objects themselves, instead of just bouncing off their surfaces. You need a patient eye, but you also have to be ready - once you see something "take shape" fully, it's already too late to photograph it... it has become something else.

Carl Weese said...


I agree with you about catching the changing light of course. If you wait for, instead of anticipate, the perfect moment, you'll likely miss it.

But since this theater is still alive and the cars are beginning to arrive for the evening's show, it's not really melancholy, the picture might even be a celebration.

richardplondon said...

Sure, a celebration by all means. Melancholy is not necessarily sadness. The most beautiful and luminous moments are so, or (better) are completely so, when we retain some feel of the enfolding dark around.

Perhaps you (and the viewer?) appreciate this scene differently because of an awareness of all the deserted ones. Perhaps this less matter-of-fact lighting, here, is more suggestive of "life" somehow?