Monday, June 28, 2010


Canaan, Connecticut

For a little while WP will be working through pictures made on a quick three day road trip last week. I've already posted some of them, including one from the road (actually from a pizza place with WiFi). As a bit of a change of pace I'm going to post much more frequently than usual, working my way chronologically through the pictures as I edit the take.


Ted said...

Late in getting back, but this series keeps recurring to my mind and now I realize it's because it raises a question (well at least one). And questions can be like those wonderful tunes that haunt you because you find yourself endlessly whistling, humming, and singing them.

This question? At what point do townspeople become city folk? There's a difference right? A cultural, economic, spiritual difference. Somehow you've caught it so perfectly in this series. And maybe that's it. Maybe it's not a question which is recurring to me... but your answer. And maybe the answer can't be put as well into words as you've done with these images.

Carl Weese said...

Ted, thank you for a very interesting but really unanswerable question. Townspeople vs city folk.

There is a difference, but where is the line of distinction? I've always lived in suburban/rural places but gravitated to more urban locales for much of my work. That might or might not mean anything.

But I don't think my pictures give answers: I only hope they ask good questions. Maybe it's the question that we can't quite get into words as well as into pictures. Because I'm only secure in thinking that I might be asking good questions, not that I'm providing any answers.