Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bureau of Training

New York, New York

The "Introduction to Platinum" workshop I taught this weekend was at CAP, located at 36 E. 30th, west of Park Avenue. I stayed at a friend's apartment on 92nd, east of 3rd Avenue. So I had four walks before and after the teaching sessions, each about 3.5 miles, to look around and make pictures with a small camera. Saturday morning I spotted this view of some interesting "urban trees." As I was framing up the shot, I saw some figures moving down the stairs. The EVF (electronic viewfinder) for the Pany GF1 camera I was using lets you frame shots accurately at eye level, but doesn't have enough resolution to see small details with any clarity.


So I was surprised when I lowered the camera and saw what was going on. Some kind of emergency services or disaster rescue drill.

New York, New York

Then I spotted the "Bureau of Training" truck with firemen unloading the stretchers and dummies. Just a slightly surreal start to the day.

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